Google Ads

Keyword choice and placement is a bit different with Google Ads than it would be with a blog post or web copy. By echoing the user’s search words, you give them the confidence of knowing that they’re in the right place. Using keywords strategically in your ads also improves your ad relevance (and thus Quality Score), because you indicate to users (and Google) that your ad is relevant to the user’s search.

Before we tackle keywords in ad copy, we need to briefly cover ad groups, as they determine the keywords you should use in your ads. If your ad group contains too many keywords that are only loosely related, it will be difficult to write relevant ad copy (and your Quality Score will suffer). Google has formerly recommended 10-20 keywords per ad group, but most industry experts (ourselves included) agree that’s way too many keywords in a single ad group, because it doesn’t allow you to be specific enough in your ad copy. Try creating ad groups with 1-3 tightly related keywords.