Facebook promotions are Facebook ads you create directly from your business Page, in contrast to ads you can create in Ads Manager. Promote Website. Promote Page. Promote Event. Take a look at these types of Facebook product posts that top brands are using. These Facebook post examples could help you sell more products. If a person “Likes” your Facebook Page, it means they are interested in your business and products. But they’re not exclusively interested in your products, so you shouldn’t be shouting: “Buy! Buy! Buy!’ all the time. Yet, you do want to get your products seen, loved, and sold.

So how can businesses like yours skyrocket their sales from Facebook while still increasing engagement with fun and valuable posts? I wanted to know this too.I wanted to know how the top brands on Facebook successfully post about their products and find out how companies with millions of Fans generate engaging, resonating product updates that are liked, shared and commented on by tons of consumers worldwide.


Do you have a great Instagram post or Reel you want more people to see? Are you looking to boost engagement on your existing posts? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it might be time to promote your posts and Reels. Instagram promotion (a.k.a. Instagram boosting) is a great way to get your content in front of more people and rake in those precious likes, comments, and shares.

Instagram boosts and promoted posts are a type of Instagram advertising. You’ll have the ability to target your audience by interest, location, and more. The benefit of promoting your post is that you can reach a larger audience and get more engagement on your posts, which can lead to more followers. Promoted Instagram posts also give you insights into how well your content is performing and who is seeing it, beyond just your regular audience.


It’s actually an incredibly powerful marketing tool for brands and individuals across many different industries. In fact, 78% of marketers say that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform, beating Facebook and Instagram. In a time where video content reigns supreme, that’s an impressive stat that’s hard to ignore!. So, what makes YouTube such a marketing powerhouse? Firstly, it has incredible reach, especially amongst young people. Research shows that a whopping 81% of US internet users aged between 15 and 25 use the platform. Not only does YouTube have over two billion monthly users, but viewers are highly engaged—with the average user spending11.50 minutes on the platform every day. What’s more, these viewers are actually open to buying from businesses—with 90% of shoppers having discovered new brands through the platform.